Glasses For Night Driving – Improve Your Night Vision

Driving at night can be a real challenge for many of us. Our depth of field is severely reduced in the dark, compounded by the glaring headlights of on-coming cars. Add to that obscure shadows and inclement weather and you’ve got the potential for real trouble.

But fear not. There are glasses for night driving, like the BodyGlove V-Line glasses, that cut down on headlight glare and add contrast to nighttime objects and roads, making it easier for you to see.

Glasses For Night Driving

BodyGlove V-Line Glasses

The Human Eye At Night.

Human Eye Night Vision

The colors we see

According to the American Optometric Association (AOA) website, “The retina contains receptor cells, rods and cones, which, when stimulated by light, send signals to the brain. These signals are subsequently interpreted as vision. The rods are responsible for vision under very dim levels of illumination (scotopic vision) and the cones function at higher illumination levels (photopic vision).”

The AOA goes on to say, “Sensitivity of the eye automatically adjusts to changes in illumination. The effects of decreased illumination on operational visual function can be dramatic. Visual acuity may be reduced to 20/200 or less, color vision is lost, blue-green lights will appear brighter while red lights will appear dimmer, problems may occur with night myopia, depth perception is degraded, glare is a factor, and a central blind spot is present.”

Some Key Nighttime Driving Statistics From Department of Transportation and National Highway Safety Administration: 

  • At 60 mph, the average low-beam headlight illuminates 160 feet ahead of you, but average stopping distance is 270 feet. With an average 1.5 second reaction time and 4.5 second stopping time, you need a full 6 seconds at 60 mph during optimal conditions to bring your passenger car to a complete stop.
  • Older drivers, age 60 to 75, have about double the reaction time of younger drivers, age 18 to 30, resulting in more accidents at night for older drivers.
  • 49 percent of all accidents happen at night.
  • There are nearly 20 percent more speeding-related accidents at night and the number of accident fatalities is higher at night as well.
  • More alcohol-related accidents occur at night
  • Drowsiness and falling asleep at the wheel are two leading causes of nighttime vehicle accidents.

What This Means To You

Essentially, we need to increase our awareness while driving at night. One way to do that is by increasing our visual acuity (clearness of vision,) after nightfall. Our eyes adjust automatically the longer we remain in darkness, but they are only capable of adjusting to the darkness by so much.

There are simple biological limitations in place that prohibit the human eye from fully seeing at night without external assistance. And that’s where night driving glasses can be a big help.

Night Driving Glasses

Night time driving glasses like the BodyGlove V-Line or the over-prescription clip-on lenses by VS Eyewear can help reduce glare, increase visual acuity and minimize natural blind spots. And all of this helps restore reaction time, which can be affected adversely because a decreased ability to properly judge distances at night.

glasses for night driving

Wearing BodyGlove V-line Glasses while driving at night.

BodyGlove V-Line 90380 High-Impact Safety Glasses

If I’m being honest here, which I try to be in everything I write, these BodyGlove V-Line glasses are about the best-looking, sexiest safety/night driving glasses I’ve ever worn. The styling is modern, like many of the very popular sunglasses today, and the curved yellow polycarbonate lenses are shaped in a way that minimizes distortion common in wraparound glasses.

And there are several great things about polycarbonate lenses. They are impact-resistant, ultra-light, provide 99.9 percent UV protection, are scratch resistant, and are easy to care for. They’re also ANSI rated for superior safety and polycarbonate is the number one ophthalmologist recommended lens material for eyeglasses.

And these glasses fit naturally on my face and are super-comfortable to wear. The inner arms are coated in soft neoprene (wetsuit material) that forms to the side of the head, and the outer edges of the inner lenses also have a neoprene barrier that blocks debris from getting into the eyes from the side.

And I wear them regularly while driving. I find that they are excellent glasses especially for night driving!

The lenses provide greater contrast at night, allowing me to see the edges of the road and other objects clearer when I drive with them. And the yellow lenses (which actually provide a soothing amber view in the dark,) reduces oncoming headlight glare dramatically.

Furthermore I can attest to several reviews I found that noted how great they worked in inclement weather such as rain and fog, dramatically clearing up the vision in those driving conditions.

Honestly, for less than $15 on Amazon, these BodyGlove V-Line glasses are a steal!


Body Glove Glasses

Comes with glasses, lanyard, and soft carrying bag that doubles as a cleaning cloth.

Other Night Driving Glasses For Those Wearing Prescription Glasses

Global Vision makes the Global Vision Escort Over-Prescription Glasses Sunglasses. These too have yellow polycarbonate lenses and the entire wrap-around unit fits over your prescription glasses, making them a bit bulky. However, reviews on Amazon say these glasses provide exceptional clarity of vision while driving at night.

Night Vision Driving Over Prescription Glasses

Global Vision Escort Over-Prescription Glasses Sunglasses

The other notable option for those you who wear prescription glasses at night is the Polycarbonate Clip-On Flip-Up Yellow Enhancing Driving Glasses by VS Eyewear. These clip-ons fit onto both plastic and metal frames and are durable enough to last. Even the clip-on mechanism is said to be virtually unbreakable.

Night Vision Driving Clip-On Glasses

Polycarbonate Clip-On Flip-Up Yellow Enhancing Driving Glasses by VS Eyewear

Whichever version you choose, you’ll notice a drastic improvement in night vision when you drive wearing these glasses at night.

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  1. leta says:

    I don;t wear glasses nor contacts
    I have had laser: successful EXCEPT night driving

    Oncoming lights challenge me

    Thank you.

    • Tony Valentino says:

      Hi Carol. Thanks for contacting me.

      There is a simple solution to improve your vision and control the glare during night driving…yellow sunglasses (and clip-on,) like the ones I mention in my article.

  2. alex says:

    I need glasses to drive.

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    Hey I love these glasses and I also like the design. It looks cool on my face….

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