Where To Find Night Vision Goggles For Sale

Night Vision Goggles For Sale

Find Night Vision Goggles For Sale

The use of night vision goggles is becoming increasingly popular. More people are taking advantage of the technology that allows them to see in the dark.

It is a tool that first gained popularity in the military and more recently an ever growing number of professionals have adopted this technology which enables them a decisive advantage in many situations.

And so as this technology evolves, ordinary civilians are beginning to wonder whether Night Vision technology is available to them and where to find the best bargains.

Here is a list of places, some may be obvious and some you may be surprised to know about, where you will most likely find Night Vision goggles for sale.

Online Stores

Online retailers are becoming more popular and accepted as the source for all types of products. Given that the internet is the best place to research any topic, it is not surprising that vendors make themselves available online and participate in fierce competition for your business.

This has spawned a new breed of merchant and has established the modern “virtual store”. We all know the many advantages these merchants have over traditional “corner stores”. From limitless inventories sourced from a network of warehouses with marginal operating overheads, these merchants have evolved to offer the consumer bounties of hard to pass up deals.

I personally love to take advantage of the competition in virtual stores, and find that the first criterion most people shop for “best price” is usually similar among a handful of sellers. This is good news because now I like to compare these sellers for important services that will influence my decision on who gets my business.

The following list sets out exactly what I consider to determine the best online store.

Questions To Ask About A Seller:

  • Best price. I usually start my search with this first as my aim is after all is to get the biggest “bang for the buck”.
  • Additional costs. I consider ALL the costs which may include sales taxes, shipping and handling, etc. Be thorough here as hidden costs can easily be avoided. Often the big name sellers will include free shipping which is usually the largest of these additional expenses.
  • Returns. This can be a deal-breaker for me. If the seller does not have a clear and simple process in place for returning items back, I will eliminate them for consideration. What I really look for is a full refund of my money. Nothing is worse than being stuck with an item you don’t want.
  • Customer reviews. Just as you research products, I suggest you research sellers by fielding customer reviews of their service. I do not want to do business with anyone who has a bad reputation…would you?
  • Order tracking. I like to track my order processing and deliveries. I prefer shipments through FedEx or UPS with a tracking number provided for me to follow the progress of my purchase on the internet to my door. For high cost items I have a neighbor on stand-by to collect the delivery if I expect not to be home.
  • Location. I like to know this with respect to time zones. If ever I need to call for customer support, I would prefer to do so during my own business hours. I live on the East coast…having to wait 3 hours to get help from the West coast is sometimes frustrating.
  • Free bonus. Some of my favorite words. Check for special offers or take advantage of redeeming a voucher you already have. Sometimes it makes the difference in selecting who gets my order.

Best Place To Find Night Vision Goggles For Sale

My personal all-time favorite online store is Amazon. Just about everyone who has bought something online has tried Amazon. They definitely are the mega-store of online shopping and always pass the scrutiny of my list.

The security of their transactions and the reliability of their deliveries has always impressed me, and on one rare occasion when I had to return an item, their service was flawless.

An added bonus to shopping on Amazon is the abundance of genuine customer reviews for any night vision device you may be considering.

Online Auctions And Re-sellers

Online auctions and re-sellers will offer used products at discount. It is a great way to get a good deal on items that may be otherwise out of your budget.

The only drawback is that Night Vision devices do not show up regularly through these avenues, so expect to be competing against a number of other stealthy bidders. If you have ever felt the frustration of being pummeled by an avalanche of bidders in the final seconds of an auction (which you know you should have bid more for…) you will know what I mean.

Whenever I use this approach, I still use my “list of questions for sellers” to evaluate the best source.

Traditional Retail Stores (Camping, Outdoor and Gun)

For many people, this is the only way to shop. They like the idea of touching and feeling an item before they buy, and that if they need to, they can return the item back to the store. I agree these things are positive considerations, but when it comes to Night Vision equipment there are also compelling disadvantages to buying from a traditional retail store.

Retail stores charge higher prices than online stores. They have to because they have more overheads and operating costs and the only way they make up that cost is by passing it on to their customers. They also have a very limited selection to choose from. They can only have the inventory on hand that they have physical space for. And then this space is divided among all the other items they carry “in-store” as well.

My biggest concern (and regular observation,) with Night Vision equipment in retail stores is that unless the store is specialized, the salesperson over the counter is most likely untrained in this field and probably restricted to “moving” what’s on the shelves.

But I’ll admit that sometimes I like to “try it on” before I buy. So that’s when I venture to a local store and get a feel for the item. Rarely I purchase in the store. I am intentionally non-impulsive when it comes to purchases, so I go back home to reconsider my research…and order online.

Shows And Exhibitions

Look for outdoor and camping shows, gun shows, home security shows and any other related trade show. (I have seen Night Vision equipment at many Boat Shows.) All of these attract vendors of Night Vision equipment. Since these type of events are always advertised, a trick I employ is to use the internet to find a listing of the exhibiting vendors to determine whether a particular event is worthwhile attending.

Outdoor shows are very popular. Hundreds of thousands of people across the United States attend these shows every year. It may surprise you to find out that camping and fishing gear are not the only things that are on display at these shows. There are all sorts of accessories and related products and usually they are offered for sale at “show special prices”. That makes these type of shows a great place to search for discount night vision equipment of all kinds.

It can also provide the opportunity to actually try night vision goggles for yourself. Many exhibitors will have a place where people can see how the different types of night vision goggles work. I find the salespeople to be knowledgeable about the technology albeit biased towards their stock or particular brand.


Whether you are looking to buy cheap night vision goggles that you are going to use for simple tasks, or if you are looking for more advanced devices, deciding where you are going to buy them is an important decision. The search to find Night Vision goggles for sale is also a great opportunity to learn about the seller. Do not forget to take advantage of that.

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