About The Editor

Are you wanting to make use of night vision’s amazing benefits in your home or car or while travelling but find yourself confused—even frustrated—by all the scientific tech-talk and jargon you come across while researching your choices? I fully understand. Seems you need an engineering degree or background in molecular physics just to understand half of what’s being said in product descriptions and reviews!

And with the wide range of night vision devices (NVDs) available to consumers now a days, it’s easy to become quickly overwhelmed.

My intent is to change all of that. I give you simple to understand, fun to read explanations and recommendations that will put your mind at ease and allow you to enjoy this versatile tool.

And it’s for those reasons I founded The Night Vision Report. I truly believe in the benefits night vision technology can provide you in your everyday life. I believe this because my life has been enriched, even saved, by night vision technology.

My Introduction to NVDs.

In the fall of 1990, Coalition Forces were heavily engaged in Desert Shield, the build up to Desert Storm and the Gulf War. The entire region, known as the Fertile Crescent, was ablaze with violence and mistrust, particularly against Westerners. As fate would have it, that December I was sailing up the Red Sea, a waterway splitting the Syrian Desert and Egypt, and was taken captive by Egyptian extremists.

The ordeal lasted three long days and introduced me to night vision technology and its ability to save lives. American forces used advanced night vision technology to rescue me and then to escort me at night (to avoid being seen) towards Cairo. I honestly believe that had American forces not possessed and used that technology to keep track of my progress, I might not be alive today.


I was born in Australia and raised by traditional Italian parents. I earned a Degree in Electronics (Melbourne University 1987) and worked as a Computer Field Engineer until going to sea in 1990. I suppose my background in electronics and engineering accounts for my fascination with new and exciting technologies—with gadgets. In fact, many of my friends affectionately refer to me as the gadget guy, of which I’m kind of proud.

Now a Days.

As for my current life, it continues to revolve around water. I live in south Florida USA and continue to make a part-time living as a professional mariner. I’m married to a wonderful woman who is also my closest companion and have a beautiful teenage daughter who brightens my life.

One of my regular blue-water jaunts is to the Bahamas, a beautiful coral archipelago that has become my favorite destination. Working as a mariner takes me through many congested coastal waterways, often requiring me to pilot boats at night—using night vision technology, of course.

Tony Valentino
Founder and Publisher.